Delicomb is locally owned and operated.
Pretty much everything is homemade
with natural and organic ingredients.

‘We Make It How We’d Want It’

We also offer fresh Kimchi.

Kimchi is a Korean fermented vegetable condiment; a staple and tradition dating back thousands of years. Delicomb Kimchi is done in a German Kraut style with different ingredients. There are probably as many different recipes for Kimchi as there are Koreans. Kimchi, as is commonly thought, does not have to be spicy, or made with just cabbage. Delicomb Kimchi adds a healthy and yummy zest to a lot of things you’d be eating anyway.

Delicomb Kimchi doesn’t have the musty element that you will experience in many traditional Kimchis, or the watery stale vinegar taste of canned Sauerkraut. It’s also vegan so there’s no FISH STOCK in it.

The fermentation creates a natural preservative and a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics. Kimchi aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol and even possibly reduces/prevents cancer growth. The lactic acid bacteria boosts metabolism.

The average Korean eats about 40 POUNDS of Kimchi a year. They say ‘kimchi’ instead of ‘cheese’ when taking photos! Traditional Kimchi is buried in the ground and fermented there, where it’s cool. Fortunately we don’t have to do that anymore (or dig it up).

Health magazine named Kimchi one of the ‘top 5 healthiest foods in the world’.

Delicomb Kimchi is beyond amazing on any combination of an egg breakfast, it’s like PB&J. It also seems to take well to almost any sandwich. Also amazing with any Asian or Hispanic food variation.

Have a spoonful right out of the jar? for your daily probiotic. Customers have confessed to getting night snack attacks and eating Delicomb Kimchi straight out of the jar.

Kimchi is loaded with A, B & C vitamins, enzymes and healthy bacteria without the fat, lactose and sugar in many fermented dairy products like yogurt.

Including ANY Kimchi in your diet will promote longevity, improve physical ability, improve physical appearance & mental performance/clarity. Daily probiotics, fermented foods, and enzymes from raw foods are a cornerstone to a healthy life.

Dill Kraut Kimchi MILD green cabbage, carrot, dill, dulce
Pickled Red Onions MEDIUM red onions & sugar cane juice
Mexi-Kimchi HOT green cabbage, fennel, cilantro, parsley, jalepeño, lime
Cucumber Kimchi VERY HOT green cabbage, cucumber, habañero

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Oxford Exchange

While on a visit to London, Tampa businessman Blake Casper found himself drawn to the architecture, feel, and use of English shops and clubs. Sensing the potential for these kinds of multi-use spaces in his hometown, Casper began to conceive a place where people could meet, mingle, work in solitude, or simply pass a few moments outside of their hectic lives. For the adventure of launching this novel concept, Casper assembled a team of architects, engineers, designers, and craftsmen to transform the old building into a state-of-the-art complex: Smith-Dalia Architects in Atlanta; EWI Construction in Tampa; Project Manager James Brearley; and Interior Designer Mary Beth Courier. Then came the team that would bring the building to life: Dave and Susan Ward of Buddy Brew Coffee and Abigail St. Clair of TeBella Tea Company came on board; Executive Chef Erin Guggino began to develop the menu for the Restaurant; Allison Casper Adams created the Shop; and Alison Powell devised the Bookstore. And so, in 2011, Oxford Exchange began to take shape, writing a story that begins at the front door and continues throughout the building every day. Depending on how you look at it, Oxford Exchange is either a large house, or a small town. Each area offers its own feel and personality, and yet each contributes to the whole, which is designed to fulfill a diverse range of needs, from coffee to conversation. Oxford Exchange was hand-built, using materials from over a dozen countries: Italian marble, reclaimed white oak, leather panels on walls and ceilings, and brass fittings are just a few of the details that enrich the experience.

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Buddy Brew

Buddy Brew is a specialty coffee roaster with a passion to Brew Good and Do Good. We believe coffee should be extraordinary. We believe in challenging the status quo. Our coffee is carefully selected from farmers who diligently grow and process the beans to their highest quality, and treated with tremendous care by artfully hand roasting each bean to its individual perfection. We believe coffee is best enjoyed when it is freshly roasted and meticulously prepared.

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