Exterminator/Pest Control/Bees/Hornets

Cleveland Bee Removal Service / Pest Control

Why Choose Cleveland Bee Removal?

Free estimates of removing your bees
Free consultation by phone for bee problems
Inspection of home or business for active bee nests
Removal and relocation of honey bee colonies from wall, soffit, or other areas in your home or property
Bee proof and repair wall or soffit where bees were taken from
Remove and control wasp, hornet, carpenter bees
Honey bee colonies for sale based on availability
Licensed Pesticide Applicator – License #134477
13 years as a bee keeper 20 years in home improvement 5 years removing bees from buildings.

Rick is prompt and efficient! He does a great job.

Cleveland Bee Removal is one of the leading bee control services throughout Greater Cleveland. Our company was founded by a professional beekeeper who focuses on live bee removal and relocation to save and protect the beneficial honey bee. Our staff is highly trained and properly equipped to safely remove stinging insects from your home or business in a prompt and professional manner.

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Green Solutions Lawn Care and Pest Control

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best lawn care and pest control services available in the Tampa, Florida area while being good stewards of the environment. We provide free and timely lawn, shrub, and pest control analysis. Our technicians are regularly trained and educated with over 80 years of industry experience combined. Our services range from nuisance pest control and rodent invasion solutions to shrub care and lawn mowing service. Green Solutions is your local full service lawn and pest care company.

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Insect IQ

Insect IQ has been serving Florida Clients since 1996, providing pest control based on the latest entomology pest control research. An independent, local & family owned Florida company, We offer full service pest control, including:

Residential Pest Management
Africanized Honey Bee (Killer Bee) Control & Prevention programs
Commercial, Industrial & Restaurant Pest Management
Lawn & Ornamental (Outdoor Pest Control)
Termite & Wood destroying treatments & management
Structural Fumigations
Wildlife Control & Prevention
Bed Bug Control
Mosquito & Small fly Management
Live Honey Bee Removal/Relocation
Stinging Insect control & prevention
Yellow jacket & hornet wasp treatments & removals
Pest Control & Entomology Estimates, Reviews, Expert Witness & Consults.
We carry full Commercial Insurances, Worker’s Compensation, and are fully licensed by the States of Florida & Kentucky to perform all pest control services.

Our Licenses & Registrations:
Florida Business # JB131270
Kentucky Business # 118293-G7A-7B
FLA. Beekeeper # FL0290619S

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