Mizuna is the top rated restaurant not just in Denver , but in the western United States . This intimate neighborhood joint provides cover for the biggest food laboratory in Colorado , a place where chefs have free reign to experiment with and explore the finest seasonal ingredients.

Here chefs are given wide creative berth. Every member of Bonanno’s team has input on a menu that changes monthly; each chef is empowered to order whatever ingredients seem best suited to his station, and the result is an inspiring marriage between science and epicuria. Knives tap quietly and efficiently; white jacketed chefs test rethought versions of old recipes, try out new food combinations and pick through ingredients to find the freshest, sweetest or most savory elements. They discuss topics like the New York Times food section and the quality of American grown truffles. What Frank Bonanno has done at Mizuna is to create an environment where skilled cooks are encouraged to stretch the limits of their palates and broaden their understanding of ingredients both local and exotic. Bonanno’s own gifted palate and technique become mentoring tools in his kitchen, and the product is consistently remarkable food, simply prepared, and professionally served.

Tiny Mizuna, with her linen-draped tables and soft yellow dining room has earned a reputation as a special place among food lovers and critics of all sorts. Mizuna is where the service is understated and exemplary. It is an artist’s studio, a culinary think-tank, a food laboratory.

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