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T.A.P.E. Training Systems, LLC

Karl Jacobson is Head Coach and owner of T.A.P.E. Training Systems LLC. He specializes in the prescription of basketball specific strength and conditioning through individual assessment. He grew up in Rochester, New York before attended college at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. At JCU he earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and played DIII basketball. During this time he discovered his true passion for training and performance enhancement for basketball players. He then began to further his strength coaching experience through an internship training athletes for the NFL Combine, veteran NFL athletes, and MLB athletes. His internships also include Cleveland State Strength & Conditioning program, directly working with their basketball team year round. Between 2010 and 2015 he has worked for multiple different Cleveland biased strength and conditioning facilities. During this time he refined his own basketball specific strength and conditioning program call T.A.P.E. Training Systems LLC. (Total Athletic Performance Enhancement). Over the past few years he has worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from NBA, overseas pros, NCAA DI College, McDonalds All-Americans, all the way down to grassroots players. Karl is currently certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) under the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). This is the gold standard for the strength and conditioning profession and is the only training certification acknowledged by the NBA & NCAA. He also holds certifications as a United States Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW-SPL1), Functional Movement Specialist (FSM-L2), and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). “I truly believe that T.A.P.E. Training Systems is one of the only programs with highly qualified and dedicated trainers whose sole focus to help you improve your game and athleticism. All of our methods are backed by proven scientific methods to ensure you optimal performance. No gimmicks, just results.” CREDENTIALS: B.S. Exercise Science NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist NSCA Certified Personal Trainer USAW Sports Performance Coach

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Ronnie Dupree / Personal Training

NPTI Certified – NPTI is a nationally recognized personal training education and certification program; consisting of 500 hours of classroom and gym practicum exercises. Including in depth knowledge of the anatomy, exercise physiology, hands on sessions, nutrition, and the business side of personal training and sports specific training.

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

NPTI Certified Personal Trainer

TRX certified instructor

Jump Stretch Band certified instructor

Certified Kick boxing Instructor

Boot Camp Certified

My Health Score Certified

Steve Maxwell Kettle bell certified

YTT – 200 HR Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor

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Club @ Bellevue

The Sporting Club at The Bellevue is Philadelphia’s Premier Health & Fitness Club. From quality cardio and weight training equipment on our 10,000 square foot Fitness Floor to 120 weekly Group Fitness classes, The Sporting Club is your one stop shop to a healthy and active lifestyle. Our amenities include: 10,000 sq. ft. Fitness Floor equipped with Strength Training and Cardiovascular Equipment Indoor Running Track Racquetball and Squash Courts Group Fitness Studios Yoga and Meditation Rooms Boxing Ring and Equipment NBA-sized Basketball Court Whirlpools, Steam Rooms, and Saunas in Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms 25-Meter Indoor Swimming Pool Massage and Facial Services at The Spa Centerpoint Pilates Studio The Fueling Station Cafe Shoe Shine Service

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MaxQ Fitness

Listening to Bob Kissel talk about MaxQ Fitness, the revolutionary workout program he created, it’s hard to believe that the results are possible. Just two days a week at 15 minutes per session? So what’s the catch? For many people, it sounds like a late night infommercial pitch.

Noel Flasterstein admits he was once one of those people. Flasterstein says he was overweight when he first met Kissel and didn’t think these kinsd of results were possible, especially in such a reduced timeframe. Flasterstein was an active guy who had tried Crossfit, biked, and practiced martial arts, but to lose 60 lobs in 90 days would be impossible, he thought.

Kissel liked the idea of a challenge and the skepticism only seemed to fuel his desire to prove Flasterstein wrong. Boy did he ever. Flasterstein lost 64.5 lobs in a little over three months, dropping his weight from a staggering 263 to 198.5. That equates to 24.5 % of his body weight, the most ever lost in the history of the Tampa Bay Biggest Loser Competition.

So how does it work?

Kissel’s patented system is designed with intelligent Adaptive Resistance Technology (ART) that automatically adjusts to your current strength levels so that you will maximize every repetition to your body’s current ability. Unlike stacked weight machines that push you as far as your strength allows only on the last rep, at MaxQ Fitness your first three repetitions are at 70-90% of your maximum strength, and when you reach 100%, resistance decreases as your body’s strength decreases.

The idea is to trigger the Anaerobic Energy System or that 90 second window where the Phosphagen and Glycogen-Lactic Acid energy systems fuel muscle at peak performance, Kissel says. With five computerized exercise machines and 8-15 reps per machine, he’s able to give a complete, full-body workout in just 15 minutes.

Here’s the even crazier part, Kissel’s clients wait 72 hours before hitting the weights again.

“These machines create microscopic tears in the muscle and it takes three days for muscle to build back stronger,” Kissel says. He also provides the cardio version of his strength workout.

To supplement the repairing and forming of new muscle tissue, Kissel prescribes a customized amount of protein every two hours, six times throughout the day.

“For a busy professional like me, Bob’s workout is awesome,” he said. “It doesn’t disrupt your day and is surprisingly affordable because it takes so little time twice a week.”

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