Fizer Fitness, Inc.

Jodi Fizer, owner of Fizer Fitness Inc, is a physical therapist who brings over 28 years of experience to the table. Her specialty is working with and understanding how fascia affects the body in combination with understanding athletic demands. She has been contracted with the Jacksonville Jaguars since 2015.

Over the years of working with the athlete bodies, she has developed a unique approach to treating the body called The Fizer Method. The goal of treatment is to find the actual area in the body that is causing the problem not necessarily where the problem is felt. Through the use of various modalities: cupping therapy, electrical acupuncture, vibration therapy, graston and the Bemer, she will bring the body back to a homeostatic place. A place where stress forces and heaviness has been removed which promotes a lighter and more mobile body in general.

Certifications: Cupping Therapy, Graston, Mulligan Technique, Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fizer Fitness, Inc.