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Doing Dishes Pottery Studio

No experience necessary
No appointment necessary
Lots of inspiring books and samples
No age too young or too old
We’re here to help with tips and instructions

How it Works

How we charge:
$6 studio fee per painter plus the price of the pottery. (Pottery ranges from $7-$60)
Our studio fees are not per hour or per piece. So, stay as long as you want and paint as much as you want.

We’ll glaze & fire your pottery.
It will be ready to pick up in one week

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Arden Theater Company

Arden Theatre Company is dedicated to bringing to life great stories by great storytellers – on the stage, in the classroom and in the community. Great stories on the stage: We produce a wide range of stories in a variety of styles: classic and contemporary, intimate and epic, fiction and nonfiction, musical and dramatic. Producing the great playwrights allows us to measure ourselves against the masters of our craft, while sharing the voices of new writers gives us the opportunity to shape the future of American theatre. We embrace stories for audiences of all ages and bring the same artistic quality to all our work. Great stories in the classroom: Kids are celebrated at the Arden. We nurture curiosity, creativity and confidence through our educational programming. We foster connections between theatre and reading and promote literacy for our young audiences. We reach thousands of students each year, introducing many of our region’s kids to theatre for the first time. Great stories in the community: We believe in the power of stories to bring people together. We work to build a vital community of artists who excel creatively through shared experiences and with whom our audiences identify. The Arden strives to be Philadelphia’s hometown theatre; we seek community partnerships and collaborations, make our work affordable and accessible, and train the next generation of theatre leaders, contributing to the region’s cultural landscape.

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Wayne Art Center

The purpose of the Wayne Art Center is to provide both instruction in the studio, and to build appreciation of the visual and performing arts through our many exhibits, lectures and programs. The Center affords artists an interdisciplinary venue to share, learn, exhibit and perform. Specifically, the Wayne Art Center carries out its mission in the following ways: By providing instruction in all phases of the fine arts, contemporary crafts, music, culinary arts and drama. By offering exhibitions, performances and special events for artists and community of the greater Main Line area and Delaware Valley. By reaching out to our community with instructional programs for persons with special needs. These programs use art for therapeutic value. By providing a gathering place for artists and students to both share and lend support toward improving the cultural climate.

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Jeffrey Owen Hanson – Artist

Jeff Hanson (born 30 September 1993) is a philanthropic artist from Overland Park, Kansas. Jeff is visually impaired from an optic nerve tumor (he nick-named CLOD) associated with a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis. The tumor caused severe vision loss in 2005, requiring chemotherapy and radiation. Despite his low vision, Jeff sees well enough to continue creating brilliant artwork—a “sight for sore eyes,” he calls it. Imagine a world dipped in bright colors, and celebrated Artist Jeff Hanson’s many-hued story begins to unfold. “A painting isn’t finished until the purple goes on,” says the young entrepreneur, who cherishes purple eyeglasses, purple-splashed, custom-painted cummerbunds and purple Izod shirts. As a response to adversity, Jeff chose to focus on what he can do rather than what he can’t do. Jeff can’t drive a car but he can effortlessly apply broad strokes of vibrant colors to a canvas in what has become an unmistakable signature style. Life according to Jeffrey Owen Hanson is about “lessons learned.” Live life with a purpose. Don’t let your CLOD define you. Generosity begets generosity. Be passionate in everything you do.

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